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REPORT: Millions Still In Fear Of Brilliance

REPORT: Millions Still In Fear Of Brilliance

HOLLYWOOD, CA—In a desperate report written solely to prove self-worth, an aspiring production company, Sublimely Elegant Films, has declared that millions of Americans still live in constant fear of brilliance. According to the document, this widespread idiocy causes thousands of people a day to ignore and bad-mouth content that they are too dull to comprehend. … Continue reading

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  • Cars Cause Traffic Jam Watching Cars In Other Lane Causing Traffic Jam Watching Them
  • Midget Admits To Being, "A Little Drunk."
  • Numbers Reportedly "Going Down," On Men Who Perform Cunnilingus
  • BREAKING: Trusted News Source The Onion Allegedly Been Fabricating Stories For Past 25 Years
  • Gardener Demands You Smell Green Thumb
  • Local Sock Not Used As Sock At All

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