About Us

What is The Yam?

The Yam is a proud imitation of the popular satire site, The Onion. You’re probably asking yourself, “Why would I read this site when The Onion is the same thing and better?” Well, you don’t have to be a dick about it. We are wanting to give people more of what they need – humorous faux-news articles. So sit back, relax, but also pay attention because you have to read these articles. We’re not doing all the work for you.

Where do you guys get your ideas from?

Uh. Our brains, idiot. We just make up whatever we feel like and write it down. Sometimes an article title comes to mind and we write an article around it, other times, we find the headline is all you need, so we don’t waste your’s and our’s time with a full article.

What’s with the “Headlines Only” part of the homepage?

As stated above, sometimes the headline is all you need–so that’s what you get.

How can I contact the brilliant minds behind this awesome site?

Look to the right side and our Twitter and Facebook feeds. You see them? Contact us through there, the comments on the articles or here, or you can even email us–if that’s what you’re into. Check the Contact page for that. That’s what the page is for. Can’t go around posting that info everywhere.

How can I enjoy the site?

First, stop reading this page. This page is rather boring and serves to provide no humor. Next, find an article and read away. Check out the Archives for look into our past greatness and for current greatness, check out the Homepage.


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