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The Yam is not a non-profit organization. Despite having a “.org” domain, we’re here to make some serious dough. Why can’t two businesses help each other out, right? Here at The Yam, we’re not above trying making a quick buck. In fact, we take great pride in making money for as little effort as possible. The Yam is currently bringing in a whopping total of several views per week. Most of which come from us looking at our own “damn perfect” work.

Should you be interested in a handful of people seeing your ads, then let us know so we can take your money and put up an ad for you. Whether you want to advertise your own website, service, or whatever – we’ll put it up on our site. From the newest household cleaning product, to a “full proof” way to make thousands by sending your money to a Nigerian prince who will send you double of what you give him – we’ll shamelessly look the other way and cash your check.

But don’t send a check. We accept PayPal.


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